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TextMate theme for SSMS 2005/2008

UPDATE: The SSMS 2008 version also works on SSMS 2008 R2!! 🙂

I’ve been using the the TextMate theme thanks to Rob Connery (See here)  on VS2005 and VS2008 for about a year now. (Previously I was using the DarkSide theme by Dave Reed (see here) but that was a little too Vibrant in areas and I found some of the blues quite difficult to read.)

There seemed to be no way of importing any styles or even changing the colours in SSMS2005/8 and found it almost painful to switch to the standard bright theme.

Luckily after a little digging on google I managed to find this post by Tomas Restrepo where he had actually written a tool to import the registry settings from VS2005 into VS2008. With a couple of mods to the code to point to VS2008 and SSMS2008 I was able to transfer most of the settings across. Unfortunately when I opened SSMS2008 it wasn’t quite what I had hoped as some of the text was still left as black so was effectively invisible. So I rolled up sleeves and stared digging about in the registry to perfect the theme.

Orginally I started off with this (for some reason LightScreen has made the colours a little duller than normal!! Edit: It was because it was setup to export as jpg!) :


but wasn’t happy with the keywords still showing in white (“join” in the above example, but  also applies to “exists” and possibly a couple of others) so had a little tinker again and found the Registry setting required (SQL Operator Foreground). Using an unused colour from the original theme it came out like this:


and now comes the dilema do I leave the colour set so the “join” keywords are and put up with it also changing the “=”, “(“, “*”, “.” etc to the modified colour as well.

The Registry settings for the 2 versions can be downloaded here (SSMS2005 is untested but should work):

I still want to update the theme so the output window is black with a green foreground like the original, but atm I can’t seem to see anything that looks like it would be the right key! look like I’ll have to suck it and see!! 😀

Let me know what you think!!

PS Please remember to take a back of you registry beforehand, and don’t come running to me if you break SSMS!!