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Headphone volume issue on HTC desire after upgrading to froyo

So I went ahead and upgraded my mobile with the OTA update that has showing on my mobile. I wanted to upgrade ASAP due to the fact that I have run out of space for apps on the internal memory and this upgrade will resolve it (apps can be moved to the SD card).

However I think I may have jumped the gun as now whenever I use headphones the volume is stuck at max and even when the phone software says the volume is silent it’s still blasting out! 🙁 Unfortunately spotify doesn’t have an internal volume control at all so it’s a no go there too.

I’ve had a search on Google and it looks like people are not experiencing the exact same issue, however there are a lot with issues with the volume in some way or another.

Hopefully this will be fixed pretty quickly as it now makes the phone unusable as a media player and I have to go back to using my iPod.

In the meantime if anyone finds a solution to this please let me know!

UPDATE: After searching for a resolution to this and not coming across anything much I managed to find someone saying recessed headphone jacks are quite problematic. The Desire doesn’t actually have a recessed jack but I do use a silicon case that makes the jack a bit recessed. This has not been a problem before, but I thought I’d give it a go without the case. Low and behold the volume buttons seemed to be working fine. I thought this was a bit strange so out the case back on and what’s even stranger is that is still worked fine. Now I have no idea why this happened and to me it seems a bit strange that this would even cause it in the first place (I would assume that it would be lower in volume or only one channel). Unless of course I came across a bug that has a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of hitting. Anyway I’m glad it’s working now!! 🙂