Please sponosor me on my charity challenge!

This year at the end of September I am embarking on a charity challenge for the Princes Trust. This has been partially organised through my new employers (Advanced Health and Care Ltd part of the Advanced Computer Software Group) and they will be kindly sponsoring me to the tune of £100 but I need to raise the rest.

The challenge I’m entering is the Wild UK challenge which involves racing from the north coast to the south coast of Devon by cycling, hiking and kayaking a total of 100 miles!

So far I have managed to raise a bit at work by doing selling some cakes I have baked and will be doing a lottery next payday. I did plan to sort out a load of my junk to sell at a boot fair however this has been quite difficult to find the time (I moved out of London in Jan as my mum health was deteriorating and she has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s :().

Unfortunately I’m still majorly short of the £800 target (£600 of which I need to raise by the end of August!), so hopefully this is where you will be able to help! 😉

My sponsorship page can be found here. Anything that you can spare would be very much appreciated. Just think if you don’t have that extra drink down the pub on Friday, you can easily spare a fiver! 😉

Thanks everyone! 🙂