Team build fails even though the project builds fine.

The last few days we’ve been having a strange problem where TeamBuild on our TFS server was repeatedly failing. What was even weirder was that the solution definitely builds OK and there are no compile errors. So I started digging around in the log file and as you will no doubt know (On average mine are 3k-10k line plain text files!!) this is a rather painful task.

After quite a while looking through this it was a fruitless exercise and was no closer to find out why. Luckily I have already setup other VM build servers and these were running ok so was able to narrow it down to the TFS server itself. Next I tried deleting the BuildSources folder to see if there was any rouge or corrupt files there. Nope, not that. I vaguely seemed to remember that the Build process itself runs as a windows service so I checked that out. Was seemingly working fine but decided to give it a bounce just incase. AS always this action seems to work and the build server started working fine. I just wish I’d always remember to log-out/restart app/reboot first as this would have saved a LOT of time.

Just remember when 1st-line tell you to log-out/reboot, do it, you might be surprised!! 🙂