How to call T-mobile UK voicemail using your Flext minutes!

UPDATE: Unfortunately T-Mobile have twigged onto this and started charging for the voicemail retrieval when calling yourself directly. Due to this fact I’ve just ordered the new HTC Desire from as their voicemail minutes come off your call allowance.

T-mobile are a bit sneaky and don’t include any calls you make to your standard voicemail number in your free flext minutes but instead charge you 10p/12p a minute for the pleasure.

Fortunately I have just found a hack (kind-of) the enables the voicemail to come off your flext allowance!! 🙂

I have known for a while that if you setup a PIN to allow remote access to your voicemail you can use another phone and only get charged for a normal call. Thanks to having a work BlackBerry I have been using that, and not getting charged. However it was a bit annoying having to ring, then hang-up or wait for it to go to voicemail and then type in the PIN number.

Now down to the real sweet part. If you notice when you call your voicemail normally the number is basically your mobile number but with a few extra digits. Now if you change it to your exact mobile number it still works as normal and automatically recognises you and bypasses the PIN entry. This then gets listed under your calls as a standard call and is taken out of your Flext allowance!! 😀

If you are using a windows mobile phone it seems that T-mobile block you from changing the voicemail number for obvious reasons (it is usually stored and then read from the SIM). Now with a few little registry changes you can override the one in the SIM. To do it make the following updates (add if missing):

"PhoneNumber1"= "[Your mobile number]"

Anyway as always be careful editing the registry and don’t come running if you screw it up! Hopefully this will save you a bit of cash!! 🙂